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BBQ Seasonings

BBQ seasonings and how to use them

The most commonly over-looked subject that new BBQ pit owners face is the setup and maintenance.

Whether you're cooking beef brisket, poultry, lamb chops or vegetables on the grill, you will add great flavour to your food by simply adding a BBQ seasoning to it first!

If you are new to using barbeque seasonings on your food, you should know that the flavours will instantly remind you of eating out at barbeque diners and outdoor meats by expert grill chefs.

There is nothing like the taste of well seasoned food, and it adds an unmistakable depth that cannot be found in plain meat cooked on the grill.

In short, adding BBQ seasoning is something you should be doing a lot more often if you aren't already!

Seasonings are available in literally hundreds of different combinations, some specifically for a certain type of meat such as beef or chicken, some are more generic and can be used as easily on a rack of baby back ribs as on vegetables.

Finding your own favourite BBQ seasoning is quite easy, as you can pick on the flavours that you already like using in your food already, or from dishes that you have enjoyed eating in a restaurant.

Recommended BBQ Seasonings

Using barbeque seasonings

BBQ seasonings can be used in two different ways, either as a dry seasoning to be applied prior to cooking the meat, or alternatively added dry to a barbecue base and then used as a barbecue sauce which can be used to baste your meat during cooking, or simply used as a dipping sauce during the meal.

When using a BBQ seasoning on your food prior to cooking, you will find that around 1tsp of BBQ seasoning per pound of food is about right, and from there you can adjust the seasoning either way to suit your taste.

The second method, using a BBQ seasoning as a sauce, is just as simple. All you need to do is add 1tsp of seasoning to 1cup / 240ml of barbecue sauce base, for a quick and easy sauce.

For more information on BBQ seasonings, you can view, chicken BBQ seasonongs, beef BBQ seasonings and various other meat BBQ seasonings.

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