BBQ Corn Recipe

January 15, 2010

in BBQ Recipes, Vegetables

Corn-in-the-shuck BBQ recipe


  • 1 medium-sized or large ear per serving, or 2 small ears

  • butter

  • salt


  • Remove and discard the dry outer husks of fresh ears of corn, trim excess stalks. Carefully separate and pull down the soft pliant inner husks and remove and discard all the silk.

  • Rub the kernels generously with butter and salt lightly. Pull the husks back, smoothing them in place, and secure the tips with a twist of wire. Place the ears on the edges of the grill while using the center area to prepare the main course. Turn the ears occasionally and allow about 20 to 25 minutes cooking time. Clip the ties away and serve in the shuck.

Corn Husks - Alternative
For a different presentation try using cooked corn husks. Husk corn and place husk in microsafe dish, cover and cook at high power for 2-4 minutes to soften. You may also drop husks into boiling water then let sit for at least 5 minutes. Layer the husks with your favorite stuffing or dip

If your vegetables are being charred on the outside but raw on the inside, try this: Microwave them from 1-3 minutes, brush with olive oil and grill until tender, turning once.