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Brinkmann Grill

Why choose a Brinkmann grill?

Brinkmann grills are used primarily by chefs and caterers to make food in outdoor settings. This leader in gas grill cooking also produces smokers, many styles of outdoor cookers, outdoor lighting, and many other lawn and garden type products.

Brinkmann grills stand for quality which is why so many people choose them for all their barbecue needs. No matter what your budget or needs Brinkman will have a grill or smoker for you.

Two of the more popular Brinkmann grills are the grillking deluxe and the elite pro. These barbeque cookers have many extra options to satisfy any type of meal you can think of, and have a name that is synonymous with quality and has a loyal group of users who use them in both the backyard as well as in competitions.

Plus they are affordable and easy to get replacement parts for. When you buy a Brinkmann grill you can be assured that you have purchased a top-brand unit that will provide years of service.

Brinkmann Smokers Come In Two Varieties

Brinkmann SmokersThe first variety is the vertical smoker. These are fairly compact devices that are sure to not burn a hole in your pocket. These cooking products can use gas, wood, or charcoal depending on your needs all the while smoking up to 50 lbs. of meat. A water container is placed right below the food for the steaming process, to make sure the meat is surrounded by aromatic smoke at all times. These are very easy to use for your bbq grilling.

A second type of Brinkmann smoker is the horizontal variety which are generally used to prepare a large amount of food at once. These smokers are especially helpful for parties or other gatherings where many people will enjoy the feast.

They are larger than the vertical ones and hold quite a bit more meat. This may or may not be what you need, depending on how often you barbecue for many guests.

Brinkmann BBQ grills are synonymous with affordable quality

Brinkmann have a large selection to handle many different cooking needs so you know you will find the right grill. And since they are so popular, replacement parts and upgrades are readily available.

Whether you want gas, charcoal, or even electric Brinkmann will fit the bill. You will have your meat grilled to perfection in no time.

Great value Brinkmann BBQ Smokers

Brinkmann Smoke & Grill - A flexible BBQ at a great price point

Brinkmann Smoke & Grill The Brinkmann Smoke & Grill is an all in one Smoker, Griller, Steamer and Roaster - the most versatile outdoor cooker ever made. Water smoking involves using the water supplied water bowl between the fire and the food, which produces a slow moist heat which flavours and moistens as it cooks. Transform into a hot smoker/roaster by removing the water bowl and use a conventional BBQ by moving the firebowl to the top. The ultimate gift for the man who has everything and of course it makes an ideal present when Summer is on its way.

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